Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday July 28th 2011 - Back from vacation with SIX DAYS TO GO!

My work-cation (part vacation; part work) went well. We actually had all three of my sons 22, 20, 15 in the same minivan and it was fun! We laughed the whole way. We had a blip in our family mental health, but that has been remedied and I can't remember a better vacation.

Seven years ago we went as a family to Disney World in Florida and took a Disney cruise down to the Bahamas and six years ago we went to Germany and France, but since then, we have had to go on vacations without my reluctant oldest son, so this Santa Fe New Mexico may not have been our most exotic port, but it was the nicest family vacation we have ever had.

In November, the whole family will fly out to New York City for an exhibition of my late father's work and I am sure it will be another great vacation. Soon the boys will be off living their own lives and we will most likely not be able to get  them all at the same time, so we are cherishing these current vacations.

Yet another benefit of being on vacation was the diversion from the pending surgery and... being able to eat whatever I wanted. I'm excited and my wife is worried about life after the surgery. It will be, by far, the biggest health change in my life. My love affair with food is about over, but a new healthier life will emerge.

I like the idea that I will no longer be able to rely on my willpower alone. I've tried and tried, but this will be a sustainable and conclusive weight loss. As I walked around on vacation I felt the urge to become a bariatric evangelist. I wanted, but I did not, to talk to everyone that I saw that was a 45 BMI or higher. Some people struggle so much just to move around. So many more are obviously self-conscious and uncomfortable with their weight. Some jerk was staring at me walking down the street. I really don't know why, but in my head he was watching me because I am so fat. Soon I will be on the downward spiral and I can't wait!

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