Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday July 13th 2011 ~ Blogging with purpose

As I near the joyous day of realizebandedness I am reminded of my original purpose in this blog. I was talking to a friend about my 2009 trek (aborted trek) to bariatric surgery. If you remember back 341 posts ago you might recall that I changed my mind about the surgery just before I was to pick a date because I stumbled into a pro-vegan book "Skinny Bastard." I thought that I better give vegan a chance. Combined with a grueling exercise regiment I lost about 35 pounds that summer and then gained it back as my metabolism adjusted and I just gave up on it.

Anyway, my friend told me that I should share my struggle in an honest and frank way so that others may benefit from my experience. At some point I added bipolar post because I am... bipolar and it does have a substantial affect on weight loss. For one, most of the bipolar meds cause weight gain and as an emotional mess that eats when he's stressed, being bipolar is an extra umph to the struggle.

At this point I am going to start Google-izing (advertising) on Google because this is the eve of my life changing surgery. I will be posting everything about the surgery; how it felt, how I felt, how my wife felt, ect...

I fully expect the first week after the surgery to suck big time because your stomach swells as a reaction to the surgery and I'll be on a liquids only diet for that week. And I have no illusions. This surgery is going to give me my body back, but the trade off is that eating and drinking will suck. Cup your hand. You probably have about one to one and a half cups. That's more than I will be eating in any given day for the rest of my life.

What happens when you cheat? First, you throw up anytime you eat too much or something gooey or something stringy or something greasy or anything that might get stuck in your new little tummy. If you repeat overeating or cheating you will defeat the purpose of the Realize Band. Remember: it is a tool not a cure. If you overeat consistently, you will stretch your little tummy out and probably force the ring out of place. The nurse said that if you vomit too much or too strong you may also dislodge the ring and... bam! Back to surgery. It is possible to get something so stuck that it requires a visit to the emergency room.

I have no illusions. This will be the hardest thing I will be doing in my life, but it is necessary if I want to get onto the liver transplant list (stage four liver cirrhosis caused by being fat). But, I'm ready. Bring it on! I am going to set the record for miraculous "healthy" weight loss! You can be with me everyday. It'll be fun. Bring a friend.

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