Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30th 2011 - What can I expect from the surgery?

Here is a piece from my bariatric folder:

"What can I expect from the surgery?"

This is probably the most important question. Certainly all patients lose weight, but success with the procedure is not measured in absolute weight loss, but more importantly, in the improvement in one's quality of life. Specifically, if the medical problems related to your obesity improves and the number of medications you need to take to control those  medical conditions decreases, or hopefully is eliminated, then clearly the surgery has provided a dramatic improvident in your quality of life and could be deemed a success. However, success is best measured by you and how close you come to meeting your specific goals.

Weight loss surgery is not the solution to all of your problems. The surgery will help you lose weight but you must continue to work through exercise and diet to obtain the maximum benefits of the surgery. After surgery, you will not be able to eat nearly as much food as you are used to eating. Most social and family events seem to center around food, and usually large quantities of it. Some patients find these situations much more stressful after the surgery, and the temptation to overeat during these times is great. Patients must understand this, and be disciplined to fight the temptation to overeat and keep the primary goal of improved health and quality of life in mind. Support groups are very important in helping patients get through these crisis periods. 

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