Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday July 21st 2011 - Back when I use to model

Yes, I used to be a model for formal wear. This is 1993 right before my first son was born. I was 25 years old and 175 pounds. I was modeling part-time because I was getting bored with my management career. I only modeled for about six months before I started feeling like a prop. The money wasn't as good for male models so I quit taking gigs. I had recently lost about 15 pounds for the modeling. I starved myself and knocked my metabolism out of joint. After that it was up and up and down and up and up and up and down.... and boom 456 pounds. I'm now just below 400, but not for long :-)

This is not my wife. My wife is much prettier. 

Age 25 probably around 175 pounds

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