Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday July 3rd 2011 - Anticipation

I keep looking at the calendar. August 3rd couldn't come fast enough. It may be the biggest life changing event in my life. It's just below August 11th 1984 when I married my wife and high school sweetheart. It would also fall below the births of my three sons, but that's about it. I hold my education, both formal and in life, in high esteem, but definitely below bariatric surgery. None of my professional feats can even compare. If I won the lottery, it would still be below bariatric surgery... maybe.

Think about it. I am going to time travel back to the days when dieting was something that other people had to do. As a young man I had a physically demanding warehouse job and I could eat like a bear and not gain weight. I looked great in a speedo. Sexy muscular legs. I miss my sexy legs. But, then I entered the ranks of supervisory management at age 20 and never went back to blue collar work. Back when I was thin I could buy clothes off the rack of any store. Back when I was thin Ronald Reagan was president. I'll be going clear back to B.C. (before children).

But life is about to change in other ways. I will never be able to chug water again (drinking too fast will cause a biological backup and could possibly stretch the stomach) or drink carbonated drinks of any kind (they stretch the stomach). I will have to stop caffeine once and for all. No more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This one's huge for me: NO more bread. No rice. No expandable grains.

I am a little nervous about taking all of bipolar meds. They suggest that you get your meds in liquid form, but mine are not available. I will have to split them into small enough pieces to pass.

My eating will be restricted to less than a half a cup of food in any sitting. Actually, the goal is 1/4 cup or 2 US ounces. The type of food is dictated by texture more than calorie content which means I can pretty much take a bite of anything that isn't too thin like cream of wheat or greasy like fried chicken.

The reason bariatric surgery works is the same reason it can be blown. The purpose of the Realize band is to restrict the volume of food consumed. It also decreases the stomach acid that makes you feel hungry. When maintained properly, the opening can only be controlled by filling and draining the saline lining of the band.

The way that many people blow the surgery is by cheating. Eating unhealthy food or overeating. When you overeat it stretches out your stomach. I actually know some bariatric band patients that tried to expand their new stomach pouch. It primarily because their still addicted to food. If you stay fat in your head you will probably become fat again regardless of the surgery. It's a tool, not a cure.

Right now I avoid airplanes. I should correct that... I avoid flying economy. I can't fit into those tight chairs in coach. Starting in November of 2011 I will be flying around a lot more. I will have art related travel to NYC, Buffalo, Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, and Italy in 2012. It is going to be much nicer after I lose my first 60 pounds. I can't wait for this surgery. Only 30 days of regular eating left! Yeah!!!

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