Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday February 19th, 2010 - Swimming with Mom

Wow, I must have had my Wheaties or something on Thursday. I had an early morning appointment and I finished with the daily correspondences early, so I went to the gym. I had weighed in at 320 pounds in the morning. I know some of it was water retention, but some was just letting my guard down. I've been a little worried about my rapid mood swings and a propensity for panic attacks. I have an appointment on Tuesday and I am going to ask to have some of my meds increased. Nonetheless, I thought it would be good to try to bike, lift, and play basketball Thursday. Somewhere I found this energy that propelled me into a race on the virtual bike's "Oh Mama" trail. My previous best was 29.5 minutes. On Thursday, I bettered that by 22 seconds. Seeing an opportunity to excel, I did my full set plus on the weights. I was really brutal. I had lifted weights before I played basketball because it makes my shoulder sore. So basketball came third and I was on fire! Probably 10% out of the three point zone and I was making pretty much all of my inside baskets when I straightened my shoulders up. My lay-ups were pretty good too. And, no one to see. I am a bit of a show off so when a young boys basketball team came in I took one last shot from way out of the three point zone and nailed it. In the end I was a little sore, but nothing I couldn't live with.

Today, I took my mom for our weekly workout and we started in the pool. She was great! She was working those poor little legs with determination. After her whole aquatic workout she said she wanted to walk up the old people stairs by herself. And, she did it! After we re-dressed we went and did almost all of our regular routine with a little more weight and she did that too. I hope she doesn't get too sore, but I did tell her she needed to stretch her limits a bit now so she can start really building up strength. Good week for working out. I hope to return to the gym early tomorrow morning before my lovely wife wakes up.

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