Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday February 4th, 2010 - MCA Volunteer Party

This morning I had my very first professional massage. I think she went soft on me because it was my first time. She didn't even buy me dinner. LOL It was very nice, but I kept on falling to sleep. She could have gone a little deeper on my upper back. I also had my first chiropractic exam.

It's really all about what people do in the name of health. I'm a regular at my primary care physician, psychologist, cardiologist, and oncologist and I believe in preventative health care, but there are so many new things to do. Here is an obvious one. Visiting your dentist and oral hygiene are incredibly important to your overall health. Gingivitis and oral infections can make you very sick and you could die from tooth and gum decay. Seriously. My trip to the chiropractor and masseuse are just two more things to improve my health. Next, I want to try acupuncture and yoga. I'll take you along for the ride. It'll be fun.

Tonight, I went to the museum of contemporary art Denver (MCA) for a volunteer appreciation party. Very interesting people and conversations, but no one jumped on a table to sing and no one tried on a lamp shade. It was subdued and pleasant. I had one drink, some awesome vegetarian chili, and some corn chips. Richard and I got into a conversation about communication. We talked about the metaphysical communication from art and poetry. But we also talked about the lost art of written communication. Did you know that they no longer teach kids cursive? Only typing. I've also noticed a decline in proper grammar. Kids today NEED spell check. It's sad. Remember how well your grandparents wrote. They took pride in penmanship and sentence structure. Their thought were easy to follow and easy to understand. It was a better form of communication. They had to think about what they were writing because they couldn't just back up and do a re-write. The art of communication is dwindling. Most people don't even appreciate the way their written word reflects on them as a person. Now, there are different styles of acceptable language for different venues. Take this blog for instance. It's pretty much free flowing thought because I simply write down what I'm thinking. Like... look there's a chicken. However, when you're writing a book, report, or an article your language has to change into a more professional expression. Personally, I prefer reading humorous writing as opposed to boring. As you know by now, I'm ADD on my blog because tend to go all over the place. Like now. I wanted to talk about alternative health and now you have me writing about writing.

In conclusion, today was a good vegan diet day and my emotions were in check. Overall healthy day and it's all about health. I didn't make it to the gym and I can feel it. I'm busy tomorrow, but I must carve out some exercise time even if it's just playing catch with the football. 60 minutes of play a day makes you... something healthy.

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