Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday February 24th, 2010 - Deer Creek Shooting

On Tuesday I indulged into some serious cooking. I made five bean vegan soup that was spectacular, but it ended up being rather complex. I also made three loaves of whole wheat bread that came out perfect. There is only one loaf left and enough soup to reheat along with whatever I decide to cook. Maybe it should be a soup and salad night.

My psychologist appointment went as I predicted. I doubled one night time dose of Hydroxyzine for sleep and switched my Lorazepam to the daytime to help curb anxiety. I tried to increase my Seroquel by 150 mg during the day, but think it made me tired and gave me twitchy feet. I'll try the Seroquel one more day. I may just have to keep that one at night.

What's my biggest stress right now? Idiots that try to kill our kids! Yesterday's shooting at Deer Creek Middle School happened just a few miles away. My youngest is in middle school, but he goes to Carmody. My second son goes to Bear Creek High School. Dr. Benke, the math teacher who was on bus duty and subdued the shooter, was trained to react to threats against our students and he preformed beyond expectation. He literally saved young students lives. If there was ever a hero, he is it! I placed my thanks on a Facebook page dedicated to "Dr. Benke is a hero" page. At this time, almost exactly the time of the shooting 24 hours ago, the Facebook page has over 22,000 fans and growing. My boys tell me they really didn't talk about the shooting at school, but the county sent me numerous email and phone messages with updates. How sad that this scenario was practiced by ur teahers who now have to serve as body guards to our kids. GOD BLESS DR BENKE! Needless to say, dropping off the kids this morning was stressful, but receiving them back home was relieving.

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