Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday November 23rd, 2009 - Obvious Dilemma

My wife swears that I'm losing the love handles and tummy. My war with the scale doesn't show that kind of progress, however, I compared body measurements and I have indeed lost some inches. How can this be? Actually, it's quite obvious. I plateaued for a while; which really isn't all that bad. Your body does need to get used to the reduced weight, but I have really tried to lose weight this month so I could make my New Year's goal and it has been frustratingly slow.

While my caloric intake has improved, I have also been pushing the protein with every meal and supplementing with additional soy protein drinks. I like to mix the soy powder with V-8 Fusion or Naked Superfoods drink, thus, killing several birds with one drink. I can feel the effects of the additional protein in my workouts. I have doubled if not tripled the intensity of my bike riding as well as my weights. I can see and feel an increase in muscle mass. My legs, arms, and core muscles are like rock. Herein lies the answer; I have been replacing fat with muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. I'm still going to make my New Year's goal of 300 pounds, but it's going to require additional diligence.

Today, I rode the "oh Mama" twice and really laid into the weights. It was a monstrous two hour ordeal, but pretty much the same as last week. My caloric intake has been quite satisfactory. I believe I will see a significant improvement when I climb on the scale tomorrow.

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