Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6th, 2009 - Vegan for life... a longer life

I was just chatting with a high school friend, Lisa (happy birthday again), and thinking about the whole vegan thing. I became vegan to lose weight. Then, I discovered that abstaining from meat and dairy makes you feel "clean." And then there is the whole antibiotics and hormones and living conditions of our "food." We grow animal products; we hardly ever raise them. I do miss some meats like hot wings, hot links, filet mignon, and smoked salmon, but not enough to eat them. I've heard that eventually vegans can't eat meat without getting sick. I'll leave that for others to find out. I like to say that abstaining from meat and dairy is the easy part of being vegan. The hard part is qualifying and quantifying the food you put in your mouth. It's all an education, but the reward is substantial. Did you know that vegans have a longer life span? Seriously, I've read anywhere from 7 to 14 years. That's an extra 7 to 14 years that I would like to spend with my grand children... when I have them.

I went to the gym again today. I rode the virtual bike around this chase game. It's like a video game, but you have to peddle hard to catch the "dragons." After 45 minutes, I thought I would try a track called the "buster." It has 24% inclines and big drops. It's up and down and up and down... you get the picture. I thought maybe I could handle a mile or so, but then I went the distance. 12 miles of pouring sweat. It felt good. I'm going to do it again tomorrow. I can't wait to get back on my road bike, but I can tell my wrist needs at least a few weeks more healing time.

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