Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday November 29th, 2009 - Heartburn

The turkey gave me heart burn. I thought it might upset my stomach or make me nauseas, but I haven't had heartburn since I started the vegan diet. Good thing I didn't eat a steak or a hamburger. They would certainly make me sick. I've heard that eating meat after not having it for so long would make you sick. I'm not sure and I don't want to find out. On Thanksgiving I only had a small portion of turkey. It wasn't special and it didn't feed some craving because I don't crave meat or dairy. Maybe cheese. Good strong stinky cheese. I could have easily skipped the turkey. I think that may have been my last meat. At least on purpose. The American society, in general, eats so much meat and dairy that they don't think twice about adding it into the food they're making. What kind of weirdo cares about an egg or hamburger in something? I do, but some things can't be avoided. I usually claim to be 98% vegan because I occasionally eat prepared food that you can just taste the butter in and, perhaps, bread made with eggs. Can't avoid it, but you can try.

On Saturday I worked down at the museum because they thought it might be busy in the learning lab (Idea Box), but it wasn't. I had about 38 people walk through and ask questions, but no one sat down to do a project. So I made my own "Post card" project. I enjoy having all of those materials around and the quiet time to channel my creativity. I actually enjoy making art. I can't draw well, but I do great at conceptual pieces. I didn't get the chance to exercise, but I did make up for the lost day by working out for an hour today. Sunday's are usually my rest day, but I got up early and had time to do my chores and go to the gym before the football games started. Tomorrow all three boys are back in school so I can go back to my normal routine of working and writing in the morning and spending an extended lunch break at the gym. I'd like to increase all of my workouts to two hours even if it means getting up early and missing evening television. I only like a couple of cable shows anyway. No big loss, but the added workout time could mean a big weight loss.

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