Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday November 17th - Mellow Day

On Monday was pretty busy on the internet and email and running errands. I did go to the gym. I rode one "Oh Mama" trail, and lifted weights. The added protein drinks are helping with the muscle build up. The problem is that it has put a dent into losing weight. I am losing fat, but I am also gaining for muscle mass. I already look like a linebacker, accept for the spare tire. I'm slowly losing some weight. I have to shoot for 5 pounds a week. I probably shouldn't look at my weight everyday. I should just stick to the program and the weight will follow. I weighed 322 this morning.

Tuesday was mellow day. I returned a few business emails and went to the gym. Today I rode the "Oh Mama" trail and played basketball for 30 minutes. I like the "Oh Mama" trail because its hard, challenging, very sweaty, and comfortable. I know every twist and turn and that can sometimes be very comforting. It's like my affection for the trails I ride to Downtown Denver on. I like knowing what hill or straightaway is ahead of me. I am being successful with my exercise and my calorie count. Maybe I shouldn't eat to many of them after dinner. That always makes a difference. Making exercise and the vegan diet routine has helped too.

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