Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday November 5th, 2009 - Strict diet time

I was 322 pounds this morning. I rode the virtual bike for 40 mins, 10 miles, black diamond difficulty, many 26% climbs, 143 heart, 14.7/25.6 miles/hour, and I beat the pace rider by five minutes. Ate a bean and salsa burrito for breakfast (not horrible, but not great). Time to clamp down and lose 22 pounds before Christmas.

New structured routine-
*Increase workouts to 5 days a week minimum.
*Eat vegan as usual.
*Continue with vitamins and supplements (flaxseed oil, Mega Men's Sport packets and alternate with Maximum Greens packets, and Burn 60 on heavy workout days).
*Breakfast - Eat granola with high nut, seed, fruit content with soy milk, and banana.
*11am - drink green machine slush with soy protein mix (30 grams Protein)
*2pm - " " "
*Dinner - rate dinner 1 to 5 on content and calories. Salad, greens, veggie, carbs.
*8pm - Drink protein drink or eat protein bar.
*Snacks - raw fruit and nuts.

This will meet the Vegan Recommended foods servings:
3 cups grains
2 1/2 cups nuts/soy/beans
2 cups vegetables
1 cup fruit
2 table spoons fat from oil
(calcium, protein, b-12 (monthly shots), and all other vitamins covered with suppliments)

"That'll do pig" (Babe)

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