Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Welcomes 2010

When I first wrote this post, I wrote about the coming decade blah blah blah. Let's go directly to the dream I had last night. I have to take some pretty heavy medications to sleep and I think that causes my nightmares and dreams of high anxiety, but this dream was so cool.

This dream was so detailed; so peaceful; so colorful; and I woke up so happy. Some of my notes don't make sense and they seem to wonder. This is the cool part. I was in a big old house like the one we had in Buffalo. A 110 year old Victorian with huge rooms and strong wood floors, bright warm lighting, and the unknown. There must have been something spiritually wrong with the house or the woman who lived there. Kind of a sense of danger or expectation of something bad. I picked up something in both hands and decided to seek out the unknown force. But I thought about floating and I did. It was so real. I just reached up and gently glided towards the ceiling. I didn't hit the ceiling; I just kind of floated along it. I remember getting so excited and thinking wholly @#%$@ I'm floating. Weightless. I started to travel from room to room with my fists holding something that would help me. Maybe a cross, I don't know. I had floated from the living room to the dining room and was entering the kitchen when I saw two people. At first, I thought the old lady was my Grandma Trujillo, but then she became my Grandma Niekerk. She looked up and smiled. I think the person that was with her was her twin. They were peaceful and comforting. We were sitting at the dinner table when I was called or felt like I was needed down stairs. As I floated or glided down the stairs I saw the back of a man and a woman with my wife and some other people. My wife looked at me with apprehension. She's always been very protective of me. I looked at her with a puzzled look and took my first real look at the two new guests. The man was tan and had a colorful Middle East style cap on. I glanced at the woman. I didn't know her, but she was pretty and held herself in a confident way. I felt love between them; between everyone. And then it hit me. It was my Dad. He was smiling. Everyone was smiling. I went to my wife's side and looked at my Dad and this exotic woman speechless. I can't remember any other words. Just warmth and peace. I was so excited. Like a 5 year old discovering Santa unpacking gifts under the tree. The rest of my dream was a normal build up to high anxiety and is not important. What is important is that I got to see my Dad. I don't remember talking; I don't remember hugging. Just smiling and being in the same room as him. Even when I woke up to write it all down it still felt so real. Somehow I got my wish to see him one more time. He looked happy and at peace. I'm overwhelmed right now. Giddy with excitement. And that's how I will start the new year; the new decade. Happy New Year.

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