Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday December 8th, 2009 - Emergency diet

Oh man. I let my guard down since Thanksgiving and gained too much weight. Actually, it didn't feel like I ate too much, but I must have. I climbed on the scale and it said 329. How do you gain 10 pounds in a week? Well, let's see; skip the gym for 6 days, eat too much PBJ at night, party with plenty of beer and JD, snacking, sweets, and portions that were apparently to big. I know a lot of the weight is water, but really; 10 pounds?

I'm taking emergency measures. I did make it to the gym again today and I did get a pretty good workout, but I need to hit the gym everyday. Even if it's just 30-45 minutes. I am going to squeeze my vegan diet. A half bowl of Familia Muslix and a banana for breakfast. Soy mix with V-8 Fusion at 11am and at 2-3pm. Some nuts, fruit, and V-8 for snacks and a BOWL of vegan dinner. And, of course, loads of vitamins and supplements. I am going to end this year at 310. That's 50 pounds since the beginning June 2009. It's 146 pounds from November 2007. If I lost another 50 pounds by June, it would be 100 pounds in one year. That sounds damn good.

As I workout and lose weight, I start to look more like a linebacker than a fat man. It's kind of frustrating. It was far easier to lose weight last summer when I began this blog. The more you lose, it seems like it's harder to continue lose weight at the same rate. Does that make sense? I can't wait for the weather to turn so I can go out on 4 hour bike rides. It's really too bad that pizza isn't health food. Not to mention the cheese and meat. Now, I'm rambling. Good night and thanks for all of the kind supportive email. Keep it coming. It helps.

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