Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday oh so sick Sunday the 20th of December

A quick back track... I did make a full workout of cardio and weights on Thursday before my dental cleaning. I love newly cleaned and polished teeth. On Friday, I ran around and shopped and shopped. I finished the rest of my Christmas cards and got them to the post office on time. I did about 50 cards and I still have to send some season's greetings to my distributors in Europe and on the coasts. That was my workout of the day.

Saturday was the grand trifecta. Shopping in the morning, strenuous workout in the afternoon, and my first Pagan Winter Solstice dinner. Tomorrow, I will describe everything that happened at the party. We had fun, but there was one strong difference between a Christian celebration was tradition verse faith. Yes, we know that Christians chose December 25th to celebrate the birth of Jesus to counter the winter solstice. I don't know when Hanukkah started, but I do remember when Kwanzaa started. December is a good time to celebrate beliefs. I am Christian, but I like to party with everyone because you gain so much first hand knowledge about people. I don't like to be told who to associate with. People are just people 90% of the time.

As we were getting ready to head home from the Pagan party, my stomach went into knots and we hastened our departure. In the car I thought my spleen was rupturing. The upper gastro was hurting so much I was concentrating on not hyperventilating. When we made it home I started my "Exorcist" impression until 4:30am. Finally, I thought I had a window for my sleeping meds to absorb and I finally fell asleep. Before I did I set all of my football games to record. Good thing because I finally came around at about 3pm. I haven't thrown up again, but the rest of the attack is under way. I was the fifth one in the family to catch the flu this week. Actually, each of them started the morning after I got the H1N1 injection. I strongly suspect that we all got the swine flu because of our vaccinations. I'm very sleepy so I'll write more tomorrow.

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