Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday December 14th 2009 - Ouch!!!!

This morning, when I went to the gym, I was determined to get a good workout. I think I've been to the gym for 8 days straight! Anyway, I sprinted on the "Oh Mama" trail and broke my previous record by 1.5 minutes. I can't imagine beating that. Next, I did a full set of weights as heavy as I could handle for 4 sets of 10 on 12 of the machines and 3 sets of 20 on the abs and back extensions. I increased my abs to 150 and my back to 230. I added about 10 pounds to each of the others. By now, my arms and legs were shaky. I had been stretching out between each lift so I felt loose, but I wanted to get some more cardio. I went and aggressively shot hoops for 30 mins. I was curious to see how much I could max out on some of my lifts. Each max has to be in a set of three to count. I was surprised. On free weights I benched 225; did 225 on the row delts; 310 on squats; 130 arm extensions; and curled 60 pounds on each arm for 2 sets of 10. All of them were personal bests, except for the bench. I think I benched 250 18 years ago. I wonder what I could do with fresh arms. When I crawled to my car, my arms and legs were really sore and I seemed to have twisted my ankle playing basketball. Like I always say... it's not fun until someone loses a eye. Tomorrow, I'm only going to ride my bike. I need a Vicodin. Nite.

Oh yeah! Big shout out to Cheryl. I hope you're feeling better. Work with me and we'll get you back on track. Hopefully before you have the band.

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