Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday December 27th, 2009 - Denver Broncos

I'm a huge lifetime fan of the Broncos. My mom pulled me out of middle school once to go to a Bronco victory parade. She said I had a dentist appointment LOL. We were fans when we lived in California and when we lived in New York. The year started great and seems to have ended with a finger slap to the back judge. Stupid Stokley. If we win next week and a couple of other AFC teams lose, we may make it into the playoffs despite being lame in the second half of the season. Anyway, I'm disappointed in them. They had it within their grasp.

Back to me. On Saturday I hit the gym with fury. Record pace on the bike and a full and heavy set on the weights. My arms are still a little sore. I went in today and just did cardio for 45 mins. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get a full punishing session in. I'm on the home stretch for the end of the year. I'm at 40 pounds lost since June 2009, but I have also built more muscle tone than I have ever had. A little of this, a little of that and it still remains impressive. My next benchmarks are my birthday on March 19 with a weight less than 295 and then at the year mark in June. I would be very happy to weigh in at 260. That would be 100 in a year and a long way from 456. I was looking through photos from our Europe and Bahamas trips and I was huge and unfit. Down right unhealthy. I'm lucky I didn't get sicker than I did. Boy was I huge. Can't get over it. I used to squeeze into 4XL shirts and now I fit into xxl comfortably. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with myself. I'm not as self conscious as I was. I am a big man, but I'm a big muscular man. I feel better; I move easier; I'm never winded; I take the stairs; I'm more limber; and my body shape has changed dramatically. I told my wife that when I reach my final goal weigh of 210 or so I'm never wearing clothes again. I'll be too sexy for my clothes! LOL

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