Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday December 13, 2009 - shopping

It was a good day. Started with the gym. Watched the Broncos almost catch the Colts. The second half of the game should give the team the confidence they need in the playoffs. I also play fantasy football. My team, the Webfreaks, are ahead 17.45 points and my opposition only has Arizona's defense to play on Monday night. Unless they have a spectacular game I should win this week which is the first week of the fantasy playoffs.

My wife and I had to go "stocking stuffer" shopping. I know it's not good for my calories, but we hit Chili's for happy hour first. Much more hohoho in our step. I like to go to the import stores because they have the most unique and strange candy and toys. My cousin had a new baby about six weeks ago so we get to spoil Ryland. She must know I control the purse strings because she smiled at me many times tonight. I want to buy her a pony! But, I can't, so I'll have to find something that doesn't need to be fed. Having a little baby girl around makes the holiday Christmas. How does this tie into weight loss? Simple, get a life worth living and live long. Find happiness with something that you can't eat. Have fun with the holiday. Don't "stress" eat.

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