Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday October 5th, 2009 Monday Night Football

First of all, I won my first Fantasy Football match up (game) ever. I'm a rookie so I'm fairly happy to be 1-3-0. Already making trades to cover Eli Manning's injury. Watching the Broncos win their 4th game (4-0-0) was too much fun. Watching Bret Favre win against GB on Monday night football was also great. Historic.

I made it to the gym and worked out with weights today. I also made a comparison of the last few month exercise routines. In August, I swam 2 miles (66 laps), lifted weights 4 1/2 hours, rode my road bike for 334 miles, played two hours of basketball, and moved heavy furniture for about 6 hours. Pretty damn good. In September, I rode 180 miles on the road bike and worked out with weights 10 times. So far this month I'm at 34 miles on the bike and 1 hour lifting weights. As it becomes colder, I'll have to ride less, but swim more.

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