Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday October 28th, 2009 - Art Awards

The Art Awards at the Guggenheim NYC are tomorrow night. I'm completely giddy with excitement. If you didn't already know, I'm the executor of my late father's Estate (Paul Sharits) which means that I manage his growing film and art career. Of course, that means I have very good friends in the art business that try to keep me on track. My art dealer in NYC, Greene Naftali Gallery, held an exhibition last Spring that included a four projector 16mm film installation of "Shutter Interface." The tasteful and professional exhibition of my father's art and the film work won international acclaim and was nominated for "Solo Exhibition of the Year, Gallery." He is already well known in the art and film community, but this award may elevate his work even more. We already screen films in every major museum in the world like the Whitney, Albright Knox, Burchfield Penny, MoMa, the Louvre, Pompidou, and the list goes on, but this may... I don't know, but it would be real cool. His work is genius and I wish he was here to see all of these accolades.

Today, we got snowed in. They already closed the schools for tomorrow. We have about 18 inches now and the winter storm warning is on until 6pm tomorrow. The gym is closed due to snow, so I thought I would go for a long walk, but it was too slick. Maybe the slush will freeze and make it easier to walk tomorrow.

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