Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday October 8th, 2009 Virtual Bike

I'm still hanging around the 317 mark. Like I said last night, I've corrected my habits back to what they were in August, so the weight should start to drop again. It was cold and wet outside today. Actually, it started snowing this evening. This was my riding day so I went to the gym and rode the virtual bike for 10 miles.

In case you don't know, the virtual bike has a flat screen in front of you that navigates whatever course you pick and gives you live stats. It even has moving clouds, horses, birds, and other riders. 10 miles on the course I took today should be worth 15 miles on the regular bike. Gruesome inclines and there is no coasting. The gym also had the Colorado Rockies game on a big screen right in front of me, so I watched some of the game. I'm so glad they held their lead. I have tickets to Sunday's playoff game, but it's going to be real cold.

This evening's dinner was hot tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Boy those sandwiches looked and smelled good. Of course, I didn't have any cream in my soup and I didn't eat the sandwiches. I did have dry toast and crackers. It was kind of funny because I drank a large glass of V-8 for a snack today. I might turn red. One last thing... I tried the new herbal "energy" supplements again and I drank water constantly and I didn't get a headache. That proves it. I was dehydrating myself.

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