Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday October 6th, 2009 - Dehydration

Last night I stayed up too late again and then, around 2 or 3 am, my wife woke me up to find out where my car remote was because my lights were flashing. I disconnected my audible alarm a long time ago because my car is sensitive and it kept waking neighbors up. Besides, it has Lojack (a small tracking devise to catch the thieves). Due to one of the side effects of one of my sleep meds, I was not able to fall back to sleep and I finally gave up and got a PBJ because I know it helps. Eating in the middle of the night is even worse than eating late at night because your metabolism sleeps too. In the morning I weighed in at 317. Bad, bad, bad.

This morning, I did ride my road bike down to Hudson Gardens (23 miles round trip). It was about 40 degrees when I left and not much warmer on the way back. I prefer the cold because you can layer up. I usually carry a backpack so I can lose the layers when I need to. About an hour after I returned, I got another headache. Not bad, just annoying. I went online to see if I wasn't getting enough protein or whatever, but the sites I went to said it was most likely dehydration or excessive amounts of soy. I seriously doubt the soy thing, but the dehydration was true. In the cold weather you just don't get that thirsty on the road. I clearly didn't drink enough water on the trip. I did try to rehydrate once I was home, but I already had the headache. When it was hot out, I used to drink a bunch of water prior to the long trips and I drank 56 ounces of water on the trip AND one or two Gatorades. Today, I barely drank 16 ounces on a 23 mile trip. Duh! I need to watch the dehydration.

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