Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday January 29th, 2010 - MCA Photo booth

Okay, usually when I'm this tired I intend to write a short blog and I just get my fingers moving and BOOM. I've written more than my mother-in-law cares to read. You know; Arkansas folk. Just kidding Patricia; maybe :-) This has got to be short; just bare with me.

This morning I weighed in at 314. Yahoo! I lost 6 pounds this month. Unless, I pig out right now because I'm really hungry and tired. Tonight I talked my wonderful gorgeous super hot momma wife into coming with me to an opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. I was working the idea box as usual. Here's the catchy part. I put my wife to work and tried to convince her it was date night. HA! We started at 5 and worked until 10:30pm. We have an exhibit that basically shows reality through painting of the back of their heads. SOOOooo, the museum thought it would be cool to have guests, members and non-members, come up and have pictures taken of the back of their heads. Wellllll, I was, as usual, the carnival guy talking to all the people that made it up to my floor (4th) and convincing them they had to be part of our mass exhibit. Cheri got stuck on the "privacy waiver" table. She worked as hard as I did. We had over two hundred people come through the photo booth. It was crazy for 5 hours. There were other volunteers, but they were laid back and Cheri and I did as much work as the photographers. I was sending them to the Idea Box by the dozen. I was a total clown. I had a blast, but the people trying to get all the people signed up and to the photographers were battling to keep up. The photo booth was a huge success and so was the opening. They had to have had more than 500 people come through. It was crazy. I have blisters on my blisters. I'm going to have a drink and watch a half hour of on-demand and hit the sack. I am not going to the gym tomorrow. No way.

Okay, one last thing, I promise. Today I took my mom who is confined to a wheel chair because she has late stage Parkinson's to the gym. I worked with her to stretch and increase her mobility without using weights and sending her to the hospital. She was awesome. We worked for 40 minutes and she said she hasn't felt that comfortable in ages. Afterwards, I played basketball for 20 minutes to get my metabolism kicked into gear and cop a real good sweat. It was a great day, but I am wiped. We will be publishing the hundreds of heads on Flick'r in a few days. I'll give you the address then. I talked people into being completely goofy. It was very very entertaining. However, in the last few hours people were coming from our cafe completely wrecked. So many drunk people in one place. Like I said; it was crazy. I don't think Cheri will fall for it next time.

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