Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday january 19th, 2010 - David Franks 1948-2010

Everything else seems pointless. Yes, I worked out yesterday to the point where I was too sore to go today. Enough said.

My very good close friend, David Franks, the famous poet from Baltimore, died last week. I just found out today. He was my dad's best friend. David and I have had monthly phone calls for many years. Our conversations often lasted one or more hours. We talked about everything. He missed my dad a lot. I think our conversations were his way of reconnecting with my dad. As it turns out, David was an important link for me to my dad as well. I am profoundly devastated.

I will miss our goodbyes. I would say goodnight and he would say "goodnight Mother @#%&#" Who's going to fill that void? I love you David. I hope you're hanging out with my dad.

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