Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday January 11th, 2010 - Getting Better

Over the weekend my fever and shortness of breath continued. We thought about the ER, but I wanted to wait to see my doctor today. I got in early and he said it's likely did I did have early bronchitis or pneumonia, but I was already on the appropriate medicines. He just added an Albuterol inhaler. Due to my exercise, my heart and lungs seem to be incredibly healthy. Even when I was having trouble breathing my blood oxygen levels were 97, which is above the normal 90-93. Five minutes after I used the inhaler, my lungs opened right up.

Dr. Goldstein gave me the green light for working out as long as I felt good. I felt great, so I went and shot hoops. I was a little sluggish, but still hitting net outside of the three point area. I had not worked out since Friday. I didn't feel all that great after an hour, but I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow. Even though I ate generously while I felt ill, I only weighed in at 319.6. I expected something like 322 so I was happy.

Despite my fever, I went out on date night with my wife on Saturday. We went to that great Sushi Den again and went to see a movie. We intended to see "Up in the Air," but the show was sold out, so we bought tickets to the late show and walked to a pub and had a beer. I forgot I was on antibiotics. You're not supposed to drink on antibiotics. Oh well. We got bored and walked back to the theater way too early for our show, so we ducked into this movie called "leap Year." Neither of us had heard of it and it ended up being such a funny and sweet movie that we just stayed. It had Amy Adams and I like her so it was cool. Ended up being a great date night until I took my temperature and found out that I was warm all night because I had a fever of 100.4. But, today is good and that's what matters. Time for dinner. Later.

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