Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday January 6th, 2010 - 175th post!

Opps. What happened to Tuesday? Yesterday, Tuesday, I went to the gym and did 10 miles on Oh Mama and a full set of weight lifting AND some basketball! Great calorie count. It was a good day. I weighed in at 320, but I was bloated again so we'll see.

Today, I got up early and played basketball before I went to the museum. I was going to go back after work, but I ran out of time. I was 319 this morning. Having trouble breaking 300. I'm really trying hard, but my body is fighting a good fight. With all the working out and good calorie control i just don't know how it's retaining weight. It won't win. I'm doing all the right things. Of course, my workouts continue to increase in frequency and intensity, so it is possible that I'm bulking up on muscle. My arms are a solid 19 inches now. I like the muscle, but really need to lose the stupid stupid fat. Tomorrow I find out what my current platelet count is. Last time it was 70,000. Still less than half of low normal.

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