Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday january 7th, 2010 - Vegan Lasagna

I went to the gym twice today. I may have over done it. I fell asleep in my doctor's waiting room. Hard sleep. The nurse literally had to poke me.

Sometimes it gets frustrating. I'm eating well. I pay attention to my vegan nutrition. I workout all the time. I feel great. Then my oncologist tells me I've lost another 6,000 platelets and my white cell count is unstable. Great. At some point we have to remove my spleen, but we are not there yet. He also notices the rash on my hand that has been spreading on a daily basis. I jokingly told my wife I have flesh eating bacteria. He did find that funny and made me promise to see my primary doctor before the weekend. So I went to see him today. He also didn't find the flesh eating bacteria funny. We think it is systemic so he put me on steroids and a very strong antibiotic. It is true that when you become vegan you flush out all the crap they feed cows and chickens. If you know anything about how we "grow" meat, you know that they have to feed them antibiotics and steroids to keep them alive in horrid living conditions. You eat all that crap and that's why antibiotics don't work as well and that's why you don't feel well. Don't think so? Try vegan for a month and then tell me differently.

So anyway, now the doctor has me on all the crap I was avoiding and I already feel like crap. My wife says it will make me bitchy (more bitchy) and give me nightmares. Great. On the bright side, I don't seem to have cancer yet. As I read this post over, I realize I may already be bitchy. Sleep. I need to sleep. Chow.

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