Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday January 8th, 2010 - Steroids

Last night I got all caught up up on my health issues and forgot to write the vegan lasagna recipe. It's really easy and depends on the ingredients. I've always had trouble finding good vegan cheese, but a darling girl that works with Cheri is like my vegan goddess. If she says eat it, I do. I used regular lasagna noodles, but you should probably find some vegan whole wheat or something. Regular noodles prep faster and I was in a hurry.

So first, I laid down some noodles in a Pam sprayed dish and put a layer of my standard marinara sauce (or Newman's in a jar. Whatever you're up to do) and some vegan Italian sausage made from tofu. I think I used Tofurky. The sausage tends to be a bit dry, so I sautee slices in olive oil. I also added some thin slices of "Follow your heart" Vegan Gourmet mozzarella. Then, just four more layers of the same and you're good to go. Bake it on 350 until it looks done. Maybe 30 minutes. Be sure to broil the lasagna for just a few minutes before serving because it melts the cheese. Don't let it burn. That's just nasty.

So, the doctor put me on mega doses of steroids and antibiotics for my hand. At least for vegan's, this combo makes you have ants in your pants. Late this afternoon I hit the gym just to play basketball in the warmth of the indoor gym. There was a lot of people playing on the courts, so I joined a group of high school boys and played pick-up. They probably didn't think I was fast or that I could shoot. Surprised them! It was fun and almost exhausting. We got kicked off the court after about an hour for volleyball. I think it was the steroids or maybe just the thought of the steroids that made me crazy and I went and did the "Oh Mama" trail. I was just 48 seconds off of my record, but I was pounding like crazy. One of the guys I see at the gym teaches a spin class and he wants me to go because I rip on that bike. Now, he has some huge definition. I ate good today, but my wife says I could eat nothing and still gain weight on the steroids. We'll see. This month,I'm having a contest with my great friend from Reno and I want to win, but it is so hard to lose weight when you have already lost a ton. I'm going to give it the ol'college try.

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