Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday January 14th, 2010 - Bipolar disorder

I may have this in my bio or I may have mentioned it before, but I am bipolar. My dad was bipolar, my uncle was bipolar, my grandmother was bipolar, and most of her siblings were as well. The sad part is that one of my sons is bipolar. Notice the past tense? We have a lot of "was" bipolar in the family. Yes, many bipolars commit suicide.

There are many famous people who have or had bipolar disorder. Abraham Lincoln's deep bouts with depression were caused by bipolar disorder. Current stars like Mel Gibson, Richard Dreyfuss, and Jim Carey are bipolar. So was Vincent Van Gogh, Plato, Napoleon Bonaparte, Isaac Newton, and Mozart. Bipolar's tend to be bright artistic overachievers. But, with their intensity and passion for life, they also have to deal with bipolar episodes. Episodes are kind of like panic attacks, but they can last longer. It's not uncommon for someone to be in crisis for weeks or one real bad night. Many people know this disorder by it's old name, manic-depressive, but that's not completely accurate. I am what the doctors fear the most. I'm manic manic. I love the build up to a manic episode because I can get so much done. You become invincible. But, then there is the downside. You crash, but it's like watching someone else unravel because you lose your sense of control. I had a relatively minor episode last night. I could have been my cold or the medicine I've been taking or the lack of good sleep. Either way, I'm glad it was small and I'm glad that I feel fine now. Besides, I weighed in at 314.2 this morning!

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