Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday January 21st, 2010 - PROTEIN

As you may recall, I was real sore on Tuesday from Monday's workout. I wanted to go to the gym after working at the museum Wednesday, but I was still real sore. Even today I was still sore, but I went anyway. I figured I could at least shoot hoops for a while, but they were getting ready for girl's volleyball, so I went to lift weights. Normally, I would spin on he bike for 30 minutes before my weightlifting, but my legs were really still quite sore. So what changed? I was doing super heavy strenuous workouts and barely getting sore. I stopped drinking so many soy protein drinks/mixes. I am clearly not getting enough protein to support my workouts or should I say, I'm not digesting enough protein to repair my muscles. Tomorrow I will go back to four drinks a day and I will probably keep some protein bars in the car to eat right before the gym.

Other than being sore, I'm dong fine. I do feel bloated and I haven't been as diligent with my calories since David died. Okay, it was only two days, but still. Oh, one other note: My wife's friend at work, the "super vegan cook," sent home some vegan Italian Sausage. It was spicy and kind of dry, but it was also very good. I ate mine on a hot dog bun with mustard. It worked, but I wouldn't want the sausage everyday.

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