Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday January 23rd, 2010 - Start Body Cleanse

On Friday I played basketball for an hour and started a seven day cleanse. Cheri and I have been "testing" a few different products to aid in cleaning out the digestive track. I'm not sure how ofter you can use a product, but I would like to cleanse once a quarter. The first product Cheri tried was a GNC 3 week cleanse. I liked that one because it prepared you for one week, then flushed during the second week, and, finally, reconstituted the enzymes and bacteria for proper digestion. She only had moderate success. She's trying a seven day flush from some product I bought at King Soopers. It seems to be working. Yesterday afternoon I started a seven day product from GNC that was the same brand as the three week. It has you doing four things at once. About three hours after I started, it began to work, but I had so many supplements and energizers in my system that I became antsy and agitated. It was probably because I took my "morning" dose in the afternoon and then followed it with the after dinner pills. This is not a diet drug, it's an herbal "organic" cleanse. We will have to see how it makes me feel.

This morning I weighed in at 316. That's okay considering I had some hard days with the cold and David's death. I made it to the gym around 10AM and the parking lot was full. I mean front, side, the back side and even overflowing to the middle school next door. I almost turned around, but then someone pulled out and I got a parking place. When I went in the weight center looked fine. I asked the counter guy where they were hiding all the people. I guess there was a volleyball tournament today and all of the exercise classes were running. I did a 20 minute spin to warm up, then stretched a bit and hit the weights. I feel as though I'm still making up for a weak week and the low protein diet. I'm back on everything. I'm trying to get as much protein as possible to reduce the muscle repair and soreness. I already feel a bit better.


  1. You are a brave soul, and I'm quite glad that I stumbled upon your blog. Keep going. Try not to let set-backs pull you down. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. I know how hard this life long journey is. I struggle o and the ups and downs of weight gain/loss/gaining more et... are difficult enough. Add grief nd bipolar and it's even harder for me but I keep going. I am ready for a cleanse and i am exploring products with my typical cynicism. :)