Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday January 31st, 2010 - Chipotle

The day started out good. I weighed in at 314.2. I've been bouncing around that number for the last week, so I know it's legitimate and not just some one day low. I definitely lost 5.8 pounds in January. My February goal is 305. Then I'll just have 5 or 6 more pounds to lose before my birthday on March 19. I want to have something that starts with a "2xx".

This morning I went to the gym determined to have a monstrous workout. I tried to shoot hoops, but I couldn't run around much because my left MCL (knee ligament) was hurting. After 20 minutes I deemed basketball useless and went onto the weights. Not spectacular, but complete and sufficient. Afterwards I decided to push myself a little harder so I went and rode the "oh Mama" trail on the virtual bike. A couple of times I was able to beat the "pace rider" by as much as 5.5 to 6 minutes on a 35 minute trail. Today I beat the pace rider by 15 seconds. Hey, i was just happy to survive the course. My biceps are sore so I must have worked them out good. I did increase almost all of my weights, so I'm not really surprised at the result.

Today was David Franks memorial service. I was sad that I couldn't be there (Baltimore), but I'm glad Ric read my eulogy as part of the service. Hopefully, I'll get an audio or video of the service. I'll miss David for a long time. Speaking of dead people, my late father's birthday is on Feb 7th. Instead of getting bummed out like I usually do, I'm going to celebrate with a fruit tart. He gave me a fruit tart for my birthday when we were in Positano Italy.

Tonight the family is having Chicken enchiladas so I will have a Chipotle burritos. I take a "Garden Chipotle Burger" and cut it up; place it on a tortilla with some salsa and jalapenos. Yummy! Did you know that "Chipotle" is actually the name of a ripe dried jalapeno. Usually, the farmers harvest the jalapenos when they are still green, but ripe jalapenos are red. So that's it. Everything "Chipotle" should have some dried jalapenos in it. If it doesn't, it's not Chipotle.

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