Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1st, 2009 Henry's Wedding

Today was my younger brother Henry's wedding to the beautiful and charming Angie. It was a great and very sweet wedding. I can't remember a wedding as fun as this one was. I am so happy to have Angela as my "official" sister in law. We love her deeply.

As a result of the wedding, I did not workout today. But, before the wedding, I did get my favorite road bike out of storage and into the shop. It's ready tomorrow and I can't wait to take a spin. I weighed in at 329.6 pounds this morning, thus, meeting my fantastic goal of a 20 pound July weight loss. I'm in the groove with my vegan diet and my workout routine, so I will set my August goal for another 20 pounds. Again, I believe that bariatric surgery literally saves lives, but I have found something that is working better for me and something I can dedicate myself to for life. I will lose this weight and I will regain my health. I want to live for a very long time.

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