Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post for August 11th, 2009- 25th Anniversary

This morning I weighed in at 328. Time to start jamming! I should be below 325 at the most. Too much lazy indulgence. On Sunday I only lifted weights, then on Monday I didn't do anything and my diet has been fine during the day, but then I blow it in the evening. There's only one way to get over this setback; jump back on the wagon. Become the Obesity Warrior! Tuesday, the 11th, I rode 12 challenging miles, lifted weights for 30 minutes, and shot hoops for an hour to get my sweat going again. According to my math, I should have burned 6,089 calories today. The goal with a modest intake is 6,350; close enough. Again everything was fine until I took my wife out for dinner and drinks. The vegan meal I had was fine, but I probably shouldn't have had all the drinks. Hard liquor goes straight to your gut.

Before you think that I was missing the romantic element of my 25th Anniversary, summit this into the factor. First, I had two dozen long stem roses sent to her office. Second and third, I bought her a very nice sterling silver "twin heart" necklace and I wrote a poem and framed it in a silver frame that matched the necklace. She got half way through the poem and started crying. Bam! Take that! Hopefully, she will let me take her away this weekend for a nice quite night without boys and computers.

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