Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23rd 2009 Phone posts from Arkansas

Well, I tried to send posts from my cell phone as my brother-in-law and I were zipping down some back road in Kansas at 70 mph in a moving truck. I now see that my posts got sent in pieces and they don't make much sense. Lesson learned.

On Friday the 21st, I weighed in at 320. Since then I moved heavy furniture throughout Friday and Saturday, but did not ride or workout, however, judging by my copious amount of sweat, I think moving was an incredible workout followed by a 900 mile straight drive to Arkansas. I haven't slept since Friday, so cut me some slack if I ramble. The last sit down meal I had was Saturday night when I ordered pizza for the boys and a cheeseless vegetarian pizza for me. When I finally got around to eating there was only one piece left. My other dinner guests didn't even notice that they had eaten pizza without cheese. Since then, I have been either moving furniture or driving to Arkansas. I was doing fine munching on fruit and nuts, but then we went to Ihop for some real breakfast. I indulged with an order of banana nut pancakes with a drizzle of caramel. I ate about 1/4 of it and stopped. I could tell my body either didn't like the sweeetness or the probable eggs used to make the pancakes. I'm glad I stopped eating the pancakes because they did make make me feel awful. Took some more vitamins and returned to eating nuts and friut and drinking water and I started to feel better. I had a vegan sub for dinner in Booneville Arkansas. My sister-in -law was very sweet and bought me the sub. It's real important to have family support. And they all read this blog so I better not cheat. When I fly back to Denver tomorrow, I will check my weight, but I would be surprised if I weighed anything over 315. I feel good, but its time to settle down and find some real sleep. Staying awake for days is real easy for me if I don't take my night meds. Really, it's time to sleep. Good night and thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support. Rambling. Sorry.

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