Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4th, 2009 Melanoma surgery

The melanoma surgery went fine. I had just returned from my ride to downtown and I nearly fell asleep on the table. The road rash I got from my bike trip hurts worse than the surgery site.

No more swimming until September. I will make up for it by increasing my lifting and bike rides. This morning I was still a little bloated from all of the water I drank after yesterday's trip around downtown, but I still weighed in at 326.8. DW and I made the downtown trip today, but didn't ride around downtown so it was only 34 miles. I drank two big bottles of water and two gatorades and still lost two pounds on the ride. It was real hot and sunny today. I will probably just lift weights tomorrow and give my body a little repair time before I hit the trail again.

My new goal for August is to lift weights 4 times a week and to ride a minimum of 100 miles per week. That should keep my weight loss going. If your serious about weight loss, get serious about your lifetime diet and exercise your butt off... literally. The vegan diet is working for me. Simple rules; if it comes from an animal, don't eat or drink it.

I figured out my workouts from Wednesday the 29th to today (one week) and I rode 104 miles, swam 5 miles (165 laps), and lifted weights for three hours.

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