Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday August 15th, 2009 - Great day!

I weighed in at 328 this morning. This is silly. My normal portion meals are killing my workouts. Controlling the food intake is the key. Exercise is paramount, but if you look at professional football players, particularly on the line, these guys are huge and it's their job to workout all the time, however, they eat like mad men.

Today was great. I had some koshi cereal, a bagel, some fruit, nuts, and a peanut butter sandwich today. Not bad on the intake. Today was full of calorie burning activities. Some people may not realize it, but activities as mundane as house chores burn calories. I straightened up and did laundry, dishes, mowed the front lawn, and rode 45 miles with Greg. I came home ate my PBJ and fell asleep watching some life time movies Cheri was watching. I must have been out for a while because I woke up at the end. Or maybe I was just lucky to have missed it. I'm sure my weigh-in tomorrow morning will show an improvement. I won't ride tomorrow, but I will go to the gym and maybe play some basketball. My total miles for the week was 120. Absolutely insane.

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