Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29th, 2009 "White Whale"

I conquered my "white whale" ride today. It was fine for the first 20 miles or so and then I got to the rolling hills and finally to the hill I've been mapping out every time I pass it on the highway. If I started out with fresh legs at the foothills, I would probably be fine, but after 20 miles your legs keep peddling on auto-pilot. You just don't have as much mustard. That didn't stop me today. I did fine, but after I decompressed at home, I fell asleep for a short or long nap. I don't remember. It was only 30 miles, but it felt like 50. Especially because I just did 30 miles on Friday. Anyway, it's done and I'll do it again now that I know what to expect.

This morning I weighed in at 318, but, again, I'm not worried about hitting my August goal. If my butt can handle it, I'll try to ride 28 miles early in the morning to complete my 100 miles for the week. Before my ride I drank a mess load of water, ate a banana, and a power bar. I've found I have an easier time if I don't eat a lot before a ride or a swim. After my post white whale ride, I had some pita bread dipped in tomato sauce and a bit of nuts. For dinner, I had some salad with vinaigrette and a few noodles and some steamed spinach. I feel stuffed.

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