Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday August 27th 2009 Day Off

Today is Susie's birthday! I'm trying to make it as special as possible. Sent flowers to her office and I'm making a sort of special meal. We'll really celebrate her birthday this weekend.

This morning I weighed in at 317.6. Just 2.6 pounds from this months goal of 15 pounds. I have until Tuesday morning's weigh in. I didn't ride today because I didn't sleep well last night. I forgot to pick up one of my sleep aids and paid for it. Good sleep is essential for any diet and exercise routine. I tried to go to the gym to lift weights and play some basketball, but the gym is closed for a few days for maintenance, so I didn't do jack today. I don't like to disappear for too long on Cheri's day off, but I need a good sweaty ride tomorrow.

I just read in my Bicycling magazine that Green or black Tea, Soybeans or Tofu, Tuna or Salmon (nexaya on the fishaye), turmeric, and cherry's or berries are power foods to help build and speed the recovery of muscles. Cool! Except for the fish, I am good to go! In addition to a closely monitored diet, I have started alternating vitamin packs from "Green" to endurance. I'm sure my next blood draw will reveal startling good health except for the low platelet count.

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