Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday August 5th, 2009 "Basketball"

What a busy day! I slept in a little to try to recover from the last two day's bike marathon's. I know that some time soon I will consider 35 miles to be a piece of cake, but not today. After I finished some art correspondence's (one part of my day job), I took my son's car to get the tires rotated and his oil changed. I know, he could have done it himself, but I like being able to do little favors for him. Then I took my car to get detailed (twice a year event) and got a hair cut. I finally made it to the gym and worked out for an hour and played basketball with my oldest son for another hour. It was one of those "moments." This morning I weighed in at 323.8. I apparently lost some of that water weight. I have already ridden 85 miles on my bike this week and I plan on hitting the trails Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That should put me over 130 miles for the week. I'm getting a little addicted to the bike "rush." Tomorrow, two of my friends from my favorite gallery, Greene Naftali Gallery NYC, will arrive for a two day stint here in Denver. We will review the year in art as well as checking out my current art collection. I'm going to force J to ride the Bear Creek trail.

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