Monday, August 31, 2009

August 30th and 31st - Republic of Boulder

On Sunday the 30th, I weighed in at 318 again. I wanted to go on an early bike ride, but I slept in. Instead, I went with my wife to Boulder and Pearl Street mall. I wanted to find something funny about vegans, but even Boulder's walking mall is all about tourists, pedestrian art, and BEER! Yes, I indulged at a micro-brewery. Cheri and I had their beer sampler as our appetizer. There was only one we didn't like. I had brochetta without cheese. It was great, but no exercise Sunday. Most obese people feel embarrassed, humiliated, discriminated upon, and generally depressed. Getting physically healthy is essential, but you really need to let your hair down and enjoy life. Don't let the ignorance of naturally skinny people stop you from living.

Monday the 31st was chore and pay the bills day. What would we do without online bill pay? Anyway, no time for a ride today, but I did help my friend Dave move some stuff up to his new apartment on the third floor. That has to count for something. I'll run up the hill Tuesday and see if they reopened the gym and the pool yet. My weight was 317 today. I might not hit my 15 pound goal, but I'll hit 13 or 14 pounds for August and that's just not too bad. Since November 2007, I've lost 140 pounds. No surgery and NO diet pills!

Briefly, as if I could be brief, I want to address Time magazine's August 17th's article on "The Myth About Exercise." In the article they talk about people doing heavy workouts and not losing weight. Duh. If you eat more to reward yourself for exercising you're not going to lose weight; you could even gain weight. The whole idea is to change your life to make yourself healthy. I love to workout as hard as I can because I love feeling fit, but I also follow a vegan diet and I still count calories. My change to the vegan diet isn't temporary and I will never let myself get so out of shape that I can't enjoy traveling and daily life. It's the whole picture baby; weight, healthy food, exercise, and happiness.

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