Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24th, 2009 Home Sweet Home

I'm glad I went to Arkansas and I'm overjoyed to be back home. It was nice to visit with the hick side of the family. LOL. And it so fun watching Paisley jump and frolic with the energy and curiosity that can only come from a happy kitten. Thank y'all for the hospitality. LOL

I was only in Booneville for about 18 hours and I was profoundly moved and deeply saddened by the polarity between upper middle class and the impoverished. The small town literally went from GMC Denali's to kids with no shirts begging for basic school supplies in the span of one mile. If I had been there any longer, I would have ventured beyond the "good" side of town to witness true back woods poverty. I feel naive and sheltered from the realities of extreme poverty in America. Where are the celebrities plea's for the American families that have slipped through our social services? How can this be happening here? I had planned on writing more about my short trip, but I can't get, and I shouldn't get, this travesty off my mind. I have to do something; anything.

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