Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fri & Sat 9-26-2009 Bonefish Grill

Friday was a mandatory sick day. Cheri told me not to leave the house in case I had a more severe flu than I thought, but it's pretty much gone now. Yesterday was boring. I don't like sitting in the house. However, today I got out to the gym for a great workout and I fixed my bike so I can ride in the morning BEFORE football. This is my first year in fantasy football and I really made a mess of the first two games so I'm really trying to win this week.

Tomorrow is Cheri's birthday. I know she rarely reads my blog so I can tell you I bought her a real nice long black winter coat with double breasted buttons and a belt (JC Penny's had a great sale). Very sheik. If we end up going to NYC in October, she will fit in quite nicely because everyone seems to wear black in the NYC winters.

Tonight we went to the Bonefish Grill. Very nice. Cheri loves her fish, but I had to order Pad Thai with the shrimp on the side and no egg. Never liked shrimp anyway and the Pad Thai was awesome. Itwas pretty much the only thing I could modify vegan, but I have yet to go any place where I couldn't eat something even if it was modified. Vegan is real easy. I miss bleu cheese and chicken wings, but not that much.

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