Saturday, September 5, 2009

Still Saturday the 5th - Redemption

I did take a walk after dinner after all. I took our dog Tatum and we went down the block to my favorite trail across about a mile of rolling fields. We followed the trail for a while and then ran into truck loads of dirt blocking our way. Keep in mind that it's dark out; the moon is behind clouds; and I only have a small flashlight. We climbed over the layers of dirt piles, where I fell and skinned my knee. It's just not fun until you bleed. When we finally got to the other side of the dirt, I couldn't find the trail so we went through the waist high weeds towards the far away lights from cars on Quincy. We had to carefully climb a barbed wire fence, but we finally made it to the road.

We crossed the road and found the trail that goes around Lake Harmon. Everything was fine and then the flashlight bulb must have burnt out. So now we're walking around the lake in almost total darkness. Now, I'm glad I brought the dog. We did make it to the sidewalk on Kipling and walked the rest of the way home. It ended up being an hour and a half to go about five miles. Thus, ends my adventurous exercise for the day.

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