Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16th, 2009 "Le Louvre"

My weight is inching it's way back down, but I'm back in my groove so everything will get back on target. Today I weighed 316 pounds. I also went on a great Bear Creek Reservoir ride. I wasn't really trying to test any of my records, but I also wasn't wimping out. I ended up completing the rather difficult 12 miles in one hour flat. I could have done at least 5 minutes faster. Next time. I'm supposed to lift weights tomorrow and I will, but I may try to ride the BCR again. Faster.

In the mornings, I usually look over and respond to art business emails. I try to get to it as early as possible because most of my correspondences come from Europe and you have the whole time difference. If you don't catch them while they are still at work you lose a day. Today i had a great surprise (as if this year couldn't get any better). The Louvre in Paris is going to screen two Paul Sharits films on November 13th. How cool is that?

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