Monday, September 14, 2009

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the 13th; R&R

Quick catch up note for the weekend. On Friday, I took my mom and my wife up into the mountains to see the aspen trees changing color. We ended up eating lunch in Breckenridge. I had a Thai salad with peanut sauce. I had an opportunity to review our Breckenridge - Frisco ride from last weekend. Wholly cow, now I see why we got sore. It's real far and very hilly before you get to Frisco.

On Saturday, I just hung out with the family and kicked back. I also had to replace my cleats on my cycling shoes because they wore out. I guess that's okay considering I have over 400 miles on those shoes. Anyway, cleats are cheap. I'm ready for my next ride which should be Tuesday to and from downtown Denver.

On Sunday, I watched the Broncos win on a completely heads up phantom play. A win is a win. It may have been even funner watching Cutler and the Bears lose. I was never a Cutler fan. Too much of a baby and not a very good team leader. I wouldn't be surprised if he blamed Sunday's loss on his line and receivers. After the Bronco game I took, or should I say, Jeff took a training drive around Denver to Boulder and back. I prefer to train them in huge chunks so they have a chance to drive on highways and neighborhoods. He is 18 and he should have his license in a month or so. Sooo, no cycling or gym for three days. I'm a little freaked out about it, but one good session in the gym on Monday will make up for it. Oh yeah, I weighed in at 317 again. We'll see how I can buckle down for the rest of the month.

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