Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Sept 24th, 2009 - the flu

Last night when I wrote, or tried to write, my post, I was sick as ever. I thought it was a stomach thing. When I was at the museum Wednesday morning, I ate some wonderful cheese off of an anti-pasta dish. First real cheese since the 4th of July. I thought it was making me sick. Oh, but don't worry; it wasn't the cheese, it was the flu. I had my flu shot over a week ago, but this is a little differ4ent than my last flu. I have a headache, stomach ache, fever, fatigue, and now a runny nose. Cheri thinks I need to be checked for H1N1. I really try to take care of myself so I can deal with these stupid issues, but the truth is I have a weakened immune system and it puts me into a particularly high risk category. I'll call my doctor in the morning and ask him when I should consider getting tested. Yippie.

I weighed 314.8 pounds this morning and I'm bound to weigh less tomorrow morning because I haven't been able to eat much. Obviously, no workout today. But, I did run all of my errands like buying Cheri her Birthday present and rotating her tires and buying her a new cell phone and picking up all my prescriptions because I knew I would get grounded to the house tomorrow. I was very careful so I don't think I was a risk to anybody else, but Cheri is making me wear those stupid masks.

Okay. Wait. One real cool thing is that the Guggenheim finally made the nominees public. We are in a category with Cindy Sherman, Piero Manzoni, and Picasso.And yet, I think we have a real good chance. You can see all of the nominees for the Art Awards at

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