Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2, 2009 - Back to School Night BCHS

We just got back from Jeff's Back to School Night at Bear Creek HS. This is a brand new school they just completed last Spring. It is by far the biggest and most high tech HS I have ever walked... ran through. We went to Jeff's classes in order and, he was right, his classes go from the north wing to the south wing over and over. He has 7 minutes between classes. That's barely enough time. I have to admit that I am glad that's over. My knee hurts.

Well, this morning I weighed in at 315. One day late. Oh well. Today I hit the gym with fury. After my one hour weight training, I hit the virtual bike to work on some inclines. I went up hills for 7 miles. When I'm on the road or trails the dry heat keeps me fairly dry until I get home where I sweat for the next two hours, but the indoor bike had me absolutely drenched and I still had two hours of sweating. If sweating and water consumption clean out your toxins, then I must be as clean as a whistle.

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