Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday 18th, 2009 - Stupid Wasp

I'm tired now and my legs are stiff; not really sore, but stiff. Seriously considering an early bedtime. My oldest son, Greg, and I rode the Red Rocks to Denver and back ride (34 miles). During the ride, I felt great. Plenty of energy and thigh power. I didn't even need any breaks on the way back. The only pain I felt was when a wasp got trapped in my helmet and proceeded to sting my head repeatedly. I went from 17+ miles per hour to 0 in a couple of seconds and threw my helmet off at the same time. Stupid bug almost made me crash.

I weighed 315.4 pounds this morning. At least it's going downward again. I may only lose 10 pounds this month, but it's okay because I survived a plateau. I still ate vegan, but I over indulged for a few weeks. Actually, when I hit 310 it will have been a 50 pound loss or more since my hospital stay in late March. I would still like to hit at least 305 this month. I can do it.

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